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Dr. Yosick provides in-person individualized treatment and consultation services for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). These services are primarily provided in her office, but she is also available to make home visits or community visits as needed. She provides treatment services that target common areas of difficulty in ASD—language and communication deficits, challenging behavior, and adaptive or social skill challenges. Whether a child is having difficulty communicating their wants and needs, is displaying dangerous behaviors such as aggression, or is having challenges developing relationships with peers, Dr. Yosick can provide treatment strategies that are proven to work. Further, Dr. Yosick delivers comprehensive education, training, and coaching to a child’s caregivers to ensure they feel confident to utilize the treatment strategies outside of session. Dr. Yosick partners with families to develop a plan for in-person services that will meet each family’s needs, whether that is through weekly services over several months, or a few targeted consultations with follow-up as needed. Caregivers can contact Dr. Yosick directly to schedule in person services

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Dr. Yosick offers online consultation groups for families to access from the comfort of their own home. These groups allow caregivers to connect with Dr. Yosick via the web to receive cutting-edge information and guidance for their child with ASD and to receive support from a community of like-minded families. After an initial, private, 30-minute introduction call with Dr. Yosick, caregivers will have full access to participate in their online group meeting, which meets twice per month. Each group meeting focuses on a different topic related to ASD, and consists of information and tips presented by Dr. Yosick and a discussion among caregivers facilitated by Dr. Yosick. Caregivers access meetings through online web conferencing software, and have access to recorded meetings if they are unable to attend a meeting. Access to a group is offered at a substantial cost savings compared to in-person services, and is billed as a monthly fee.

Sample Consultation Group Topics:

  • What ASD Looks Like
  • Navigating the ASD Treatment Jungle
  • Schools: Which Setting is Right for My Child?
  • Teach Your Child: Play Skills
  • Functions of Behavior—The WHY?

Groups are forming now—contact Dr. Yosick to join a group!

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For caregivers who want access to reliable ASD information and solutions on their own time with complete flexibility, Dr. Yosick offers online educational courses. Courses are delivered entirely through the web, and include video presentations from Dr. Yosick, downloadable resources and links, and quizzes to ensure understanding. Courses cover a variety of topics that include comprehensive information about ASD, common challenges, and how to best handle them. For more information and access Dr. Yosick’s online courses, follow this link.